Middle Neave Inc.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, content has become the cornerstone of effective communication and engagement. Whether it's captivating videos, compelling articles, or stunning visuals, the demand for high-quality content is greater than ever before. Enter Middle Neave Inc. – your trusted partner in content creation.

Middle Neave is a dynamic content creation company dedicated to creating innovative and impactful content, that can be monetized through advertising, and selling the original content to other creators. We accomplish this though traditional human content creation and AI created content though our AI system: Effloresce AI. We provide and manage video, music, graphic and written media, for all platforms from social media to traditional print.

Middle Neave Inc. is going forward as four companies: Middle Neave Inc., Middle Neave Media Inc., Middle Neave Mining Inc. and Middle Neave Music Inc.

Media content creation company, with a strong focus on web development, video production, SEO, social media and traditional media creation.


Crypto mining and farming business focused on highly energy efficient currencies and crypto investment, using left over assets from Middle Neave operations.


Full music production company, with modern recording studios, voice overs, AI music production, music content creation and record label



Contact Us:
635 S Clark Street
Forest City, Iowa 50436